EYSC Vidoes

This page contains video clips related to Eritrea's political prisoners

1. Eritrean Youth Chasing Yemane Monkey

2. Eritrean Youth Chasing Hagos Kisha

3. New York Demonstration


  1. I am proud EPLF supporter. But i think you are the first genuine Eritrean opposition party and i will continue to look at your web site to see if you will continue go that way. I like your new slogan Eritrean Solution to Eritrean Problem. But let me stress this, if you want to get my attention or other interested Eritrean, while you are expressing your opposition opinions, you should also show respect to those who has different opinion or vision to yours for Eritrea. Confront them with truth, but don’t embarrass them or try to fight them on foreign land. Those video you posted on the above, i think you should remove them, if you want be a real opposition then you should act like real opposition.

  2. I think , this movement is really in good direction. I would like to say few words about overall movement: In the first hand, it is not good to chase or mock or tease enemies. It is not wise, we know our emotions are uncontrolled sometimes but we should. In any case , we should fight on how to make the Higdef supporters to come on our side and fight back. There is always against and for of a situation in whatever the merit is. but remember, the best thing to make win is your idea and Vision.If your idia and vision is good enough to attract followers, nothing is going to stop us. So, we should make known the concept of struggle through out our youngsters. Emotions are hazardous if we do not use them wisely. Our job is to make people or Higdef supporters realize how big is their mistake or sin. Besides, We need to move in order to make sound all over the World. Most people follow when things started to change. Ideas and vision are the two big factors to win the fight. Enrich the members with the ideas of purpose and vision in every corner of the world. Make every person play his/ her role. Plot for instance, influencing a neighbor-to-neighbor principle.