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Why didn't u like me DIA? By Luwam Estifanos

when i was the one who built the roads u ride comfortably? why didn t u notice me when i was the one who was holding the flag infront of u facing the sun and the one who arranged the dacefloors and ur sits in sawa so that u can smile and greet the diaspora kids instead of me? why didn t u tell me that my sweat and my free labour is worth much more than their 2%? why are u so much in love with the ones who cheer for and with u instead of those who are making u enjoy the cheer? why would u gather and talk the women with money and with their kids on their hands instead of the women who payed their childeren for our country? why would u give credit for the diaspora kid instead of the martyrs child? how dare u tell me where the heck is my evidence for my complaints when i m the evidence my self?how come u tell me that i m conspiring with weyane or america when i spoke for my rights when u were the one who taught me to fight for it back in the days? well....that s what confused me about u DIA......and i m not ur slave any more ....bc i know what it feels like to be kicked out of my own house and leave it for ur colonels ....i know what it feels like when ur dad s been taken away and never heard from him again , i know how challenging it is to get a bread a day , i know how devastating it is to wake up at 4am so that i can get access to ur bloody coupans ..........u forced me to fight u off DIA u brought this to ur self u turned me up against u ......and now here i am fighting u in whatever i can regrets , no turning back , holding my head up high and witnessing that ur ypfdj are nothing but a bunch of kids with money ....what do u have to say DIA i ve become them now!! but i wont dance with u and watch my friends suffer ....infact i ll make a stop to that just u wait and see ....i ll have the last lough .....WEEEEE will have the last lough .